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Protecting Your Computer

By Stephen Spry

While this list could well have been added to my earlier post on What Software Do You NEED?, I felt that it needed a special place to emphasize it’s importance! So here’s my essential collection of additional software you also need to help protect your computer.

While I mainly use a Mac myself, I also use a PC from time to time, so I need to make sure it is safe from all sorts of nasties. I’ve installed the following software to do just that…

First up… you need a good anti-virus program, and one of the better ones is AVG, particularly because it does NOT take over your computer like one of the better well known ones will!

You can get a free version of AVG for home and non-commercial use. So when you start making some money, you’ll need to upgrade to the better paid version!

Secondly, SpyBot is absolutely terrific at preventing and removing a LOT of spyware and malware from your computer (things that can slow your computer down to a snail’s pace). The most recent version of SpyBot scans for over 500,000 different problems!

And if you’ve got kids, you’ll need SpyBot to fix your ‘puter after they’ve been on it, for sure! A word of advice though… DURING installation, make sure you do NOT install the Tea-Timer application… It will drive you crazy with its warning messages.

A great alternate web browser to Internet Explorer is Firefox. This is generally a much “safer” web browser to use as it is still not yet the target of the many hackers who want to bring Microsoft down… Check out the Thunderbird email client while you are there… the Mozilla alternative to Outlook Express.

There are also a variety of useful plugins available which can extend the usefulness of FireFox as a research tool, including SEO4FireFox)

If there any other software you’ve found that is useful to help protect your PC? Have you had any interesting experiences that you’d like to share with others here? Please add your comments below!