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Can You Earn Money Online?

By Stephen Spry

I mentioned in a previous post that I was working on developing content for a complete course in Internet Marketing based on my years of experience (since 1995) online as a web designer.

This IS something I have been labouring over for many years, so I finally decided I would get something actually “happening” with it… and got buried inside the computer for several fairly intense months working on this.

When the content was about 80% ready, I “soft-launched” the course… as you do… to see what actually happens… to see how the market might respond, work out where the bugs are, fine tune things, to determine whether Google loves you and will actually return any results about your site… all that sort of stuff.

Well all I can say about that is that the “Make Money Online” market is not for the faint hearted! My “success” with that course has been non-existent, with only a few “dodgy” signups from the same IP address range! It seems someone has “discovered” my content and wants to back-engineer what I have done.

Well save your time and money, because it isn’t worth the effort LOL

It certainly proves that NOT everyone can make money online as simply and as easily as “they” would have you believe!

And it doesn’t matter how much you “love” your material, or how much “passion” you can put into the project… If the market doesn’t respond, you’re cactus 🙂

What it tells me (now) is that all this “content” I have is best used as search engine fodder on my EXISTING sites to build up my “brand”… to get more search engine love, traffic and a bigger following there, rather than trying to establish a new brand from scratch.

As a “one man band” I simply do not have the resources (time AND money) to put into the amount of development and marketing that would be required to get any sort of decent results from that sort of thing.

So it’s back to the drawing board for me…

And that means looking again at what I HAVE got that is working, and working out what more I can do with it…

Without actually “breaking” what is there 🙂

And… as you will see… it doesn’t stop me from trying to develop new ideas and websites that might work well for me into the future… Or maybe it’s just my ADHD that’s the problem here, causing me to lose a little focus on what IS important?