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July 2016 – 21 Years Online! Wow!

July 1995… that’s when I launched my first website online! Amazingly, it, and me, are still going strong online a mere 21 years later! Australia’s Careers OnLine was my first website, developed as a result of my work at the time as a high school Careers Adviser. It was THE first website of its kind […]

Using Articles To Build Content

One of the things I discovered early on is that adding article content to your website is a good way to build up content on your site and get a lot of extra “back-door” traffic coming to your site. I’ve used PLR (Private Label Rights) articles. I’ve subscribed to various article membership sites. I’ve used […]

Another “Learning Experience”

Towards the end of 2007 I had, what was in hindsight, a major brain freeze!!! Actually there was a product “package” that was available for the personal development market, and I thought it was a doozie. Well worth the US$997 to purchase, or so I thought! Now you didn’t actually get private label rights, where […]

Looking For Alternate Income Streams

While the Google income has been kind to me over the years, I was still looking for alternative income sources… as you do! So there always has been a need for a useful “Plan B” to supplement my income long-term, instead of putting all my eggs in the Google basket! Over the years, I’ve tried […]

Earning a Buck On The Interweb…

Even though I’ve been online since 1995, earning a buck on the Internet has not been easy… and it still isn’t. Not really! The early days of web design were a lot like the days when desktop publishing was introduced, where absolutely “anyone” can do it! Heck there were (and still are) software packages available […]

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