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Wow! It’s been a While

Hmmm… this is what happens when “life” gets in the way of things! I just noticed the last post I made here was w-a-a-a-a-y back in 2012! Seems to be somewhat of a SIX year gap in the anthology of things here… So… I will try to get some updates done in the next few […]

Clarity From Change

A recent move to the Gold Coast (Nov 2011) from the sleepy coastal village I had been in for the previous 11 years, has provided the impetus needed for some significant change in what I have been doing – in life, work, the universe etc 🙂 Certainly, the change in “lifestyle” has had an impact […]

Can You Earn Money Online?

I mentioned in a previous post that I was working on developing content for a complete course in Internet Marketing based on my years of experience (since 1995) online as a web designer. This IS something I have been labouring over for many years, so I finally decided I would get something actually “happening” with […]

The GFC and Online Marketing

Well the first big GFC (Global Financial Crisis) in late 2008 had a huge impact on my online earnings. The main revenue source (Adsense) nosedived significantly in the months following that as advertisers cut back on their spending. It seems a lot of them either stopped spending on advertising, or simply reduced the CPC (cost […]

Five Steps To Getting Started OnLine…

I’ve written this post as a result of dealings with a couple of my “students” whom I picked up after they dived into their new Internet businesses with lots of enthusiasm, but with no real clue of what they should be doing : ) Which is pretty much the case for lots of newbies to […]

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