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The GFC and Online Marketing

By Stephen Spry

Well the first big GFC (Global Financial Crisis) in late 2008 had a huge impact on my online earnings. The main revenue source (Adsense) nosedived significantly in the months following that as advertisers cut back on their spending.

It seems a lot of them either stopped spending on advertising, or simply reduced the CPC (cost per click) they were prepared to pay for their ads. Either way, it resulted in a significant drop in my income as a publisher… which still really hasn’t shown any signs of returning to pre-GFC levels.

Ongoing crisis times in markets around the world over the past few years post GFC (it’s now mid 2012 as I write this post) have seen my earnings from that source now at its lowest point ever. The strong Aussie dollar during this time hasn’t helped, as the conversion rates a few years ago instantly added to my income then… but no more.

The GFC was (and still is) a signal to all online that they need to diversify and not put all their eggs in the one basket.

It’s certainly time to seriously look at other ways of earning an income online…

But what can you do about that???