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Web Hosting – BEFORE You Jump In…

By Stephen Spry

One of the first things people do online is get their web hosting organized… often without really doing too much thinking about what their needs are actually going to be.

And that means they:

… all for not doing just a little bit of thinking right at the start!

Remember, most people who set up online WILL end up with more than one web site!

Chances are you will have many sites – perhaps to cater for different niches, or used to support one another (a mini network).

So the first mistake you can easily avoid is buying hosting which ONLY allows for ONE web site per plan. And then later on buying a new (single) plan for each new site you want to host!

There are many web hosting plans available which allow either:

  1. add-on domains – which means you can run several domains/web sites on the same server using your login details for your main site


  2. reseller plans (preferred) – which allow you to set up multiple different web sites with their own separate login details/accounts

The actual cost difference is really fairly minimal, so please investigate hosting plans which allow at least either of the above options.

That said…

I am hoping you do a LOT of research into your chosen niche BEFORE jumping in and purchasing any domain names and/or web hosting!