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Clarity From Change

By Stephen Spry

A recent move to the Gold Coast (Nov 2011) from the sleepy coastal village I had been in for the previous 11 years, has provided the impetus needed for some significant change in what I have been doing – in life, work, the universe etc 🙂

Certainly, the change in “lifestyle” has had an impact – this place is just so much more “alive” than where I have been. There are lots of things going on… just outside the window even… that are competing for your attention.

At the same time, being in a new place does have its bad points… the social “isolation” (i.e. lack of friends etc) does take some effort to overcome, particularly for someone who spends most of their time indoors on a PC!!!

It’s certainly provided plenty of “thinking” time and, surprise, surprise… I HAVE actually taken some action as a result!

Naturally, I’ve tried a couple of new things (as I always seem to) on the web… putting it out there to see what happens (one of which I will absolutely NOT mention here because nothing did happen lol !)

Which goes to prove that you have to keep trying new things… because you never know what might be the next big thing 😉 And even if it isn’t, you will still learn a lot along the way.

But overall… it has been a good move for me so far 🙂

I also tried to revitalise an ancient project that has been in hiatus for quite some time… so see if it can gather some speed in the “new” environment I’m in. While interest does seem to be there with Just What Guys Want, more urgent “financial” pressures have meant that it has to go onto the slow burner for just a little while.

(Update… this project has since stalled… again – oh well! LOL)

I’ve certainly done a LOT to revamp Come On Aussie… adding a whole new slew of options/features for people who submit their FREE LISTING to my Come On Aussie Australian Web/Business Directory website.

For a free listing, it certainly offers a LOT of linking power if you want it! (Note – no longer free since early 2014)

There has also been a lot more recent (and sustained) interest in the advertising packages available at Come On Aussie.

So much so that I am pleased to say that it now exceeds my Adsense income… AND it is a lot more “regular” (less up and down from month to month). It’s also good to note that I have some VERY regular, long-term advertisers there – some who have been with me even since the GFC back in mid 2008!

I’ve also had the “pleasure” of completing a mammoth programming job so that I can now offer some really effective online advertising to anyone who has an Australian website listed on my Come On Aussie directory.

This can result in literally HUNDREDS of ads for you if you want it… think in terms of EVERY page in that directory in your “category”… and at really good “mates rates” too LOL

So that’s it… We’re now up-to-date in the Anthology to June 2012! Stay tuned for more exciting stuff!!!

I DO have some great things planned for the second half of 2012 – MORE stuff which allows Aussie businesses to get the word out there about what you are doing!

So if you have an interest in any of:

then I will have some exciting possibilities for you to consider real soon…

So cheers for now!

Stephen Spry