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Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

Around late 1997 through to 1999, difficult personal circumstances mean that my memories are a tad on the cloudy side. I do know that during this time I met a couple of people who were to have a significant impact on my future in the industry… one of whom I’ve done a lot of work […]

Small Business Support Needed

It’s very interesting that, with any new form of technology, you get all sorts of people trying to flog it… and they make all sorts of very weird claims in the process! And in 1996/1997 there were ALL sorts of snake oil peddlers making very inaccurate and outlandish claims about the “power” of the Internet! […]

1996 – The World Wide WHAT?

Remember… It WAS 1996, and the Internet was new fangled technology! Back then my first 14.4k modem cost $400… fax machines were the size of photocopiers… and mobile phones were as big as bricks and cost a fortune (well the good ones still do)! At the time, I lived in the western suburbs of Sydney […]

Australia’s Careers OnLine

It’s like taking a trip in a time machine writing this… ‘cos I’m going back to the fairly “early” days of the Internet in 1995 (well, the Internet as we know it)… when Australia’s FIRST careers web site was launched! Yep – that was mine! In the heyday of 14.4k modems and dialup! Fair Dinkum […]

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